Jeff Bartell

Hello Fellow '61 Classmates: Angela and I are looking forward to the big 45th get together this summer. Hope many of you can come.

Our lives are changing: after nearly 40 years of practicing law, I intend to retire in the next year or two. Angela likewise will retire about the same time after nearly 30 years as a state circuit judge. We expect to spend more time with our children (5 of them), grandchildren (4 of them, so far), travel, and our new place in Tucson (in the winter). Meanwhile, we have taken up motorcycling - 2 Yamaha V-Star Classics - which we ride regularly. We are planning a motorcycle trip around Lake Michigan in August, right after the reunion. And, after 26 years, we just moved out of our Plymouth Circle home - the home my Dad built - into a smaller house in Middleton Hills. However, we sold Plymouth Circle to our daughter Jessica and son-in-law Bill, both physicians. and their two little girls. So, the homestead remains in the family for another generation.

This spring was an exciting time for me. I was appointed by Governor Jim Doyle to the U.W. Board of Regents (chaired by Dave Walsh, by the way). Now, I regard myself as a "double Regent." Attached is a copy of the newspaper article reporting on the appointment. Also about the same time, I received the U.W. Distinguished Alumni Award. I've included a link to the Wisconsin Alumni Association website reporting on the DAA ceremony.

I remain involved in a lot of community and civic organizations, including the Madison West High Class of '61 Education Foundation. On the occasion of our 45th reunion, I hope all of us will make a contribution to our Foundation to support scholarships for West students to attend our summer leadership/diversity training program.

Best wishes to you all. Hope to see you soon. Jeff


Regent Appointment Article
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