Pete Bauer

The fall of 1961 found me entering the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Four years and no summer school later, I graduated with a degree in Physical Education (no surprise) and with USAF 2nd Lt. bars on my shoulders. In June of 1965 it was off to Big Spring Texas to learn how to fly big fast airplanes for Uncle Sam. As a C130 pilot I spent most of 1968-1970 hauling stuff around Southeast Asia. Actually spent Christmas Eve of '68 &'69 flying recon missions over the HCM trail: but if I told you what we were doing there I would have to shoot you! I left the regular Air Force in 1970 (though flew for the Reserves out of Milwaukee for the next three years) and returned to graduate studies at the UW. Landed the Gymnastics Head Coaching in 1971 and held that position until I couldn't afford to any more (1978); then established the Badger Gymnastics Academy in Madison and directed that program until 1992. From 1980 until 2002 I held a lecturer position in the UW Department of Kinesiology, teaching gymnastics, golf, racquetball and badminton, while, at the same time developing my skills at sculpting wood in preparation for retirement. We show work at the Gallery on 23 in Spring Green, two galleries on the Oregon coast, and the Harbor Gallery in the Big Island. In November of 2005 my wife Candy and I sold our home in Mazomanie WI and moved to the southern coast of Oregon; specifically a small town called Bandon. Here we have an unlimited supply of ocean driftwood and I get to caddie at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort that hosts three courses ranked 2nd, 9th, and 27th in the country. It's a great gig.

I have two daughters by my first wife; Kelly 32 and Kimberly 30. Kelly works for the American Red Cross involved in the tsunami re- construction effort in Colombo Sri Lanka and Kim will finish nursing school this coming December. Candy also has two daughters; Tiffany 23 who just completed her undergraduate studies in Biology and Spanish at UW - Madison, and Holly (stage name Holly Brook) who lives just below the Hollywood sign n LA, signed with the rock group Linkin Park, and has just released her first solo album "Like Blood Like Honey".

Contact Info: Pete Bauer Phone (541)297-8717 Address: PO Box 1998, Bandon OR 97411


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