Anne Dana Robinson

Spouse name: Berre

Address: 906 West Davis St., Fayette, MO. 65248

Occupation: Retired writer

Phone #: (660) 248-3806

Children: Two god children -- Anne Elizabeth (16) and Alexander Gregory (14)

Berre and I have been happily married for 38 years. Berre, who is a professor of philosophy and religion at Central Methodist College, received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching this year.  After I graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism I had a wonderful career in journalism and public relations. Since retiring several years ago I have been involved in several civic and volunteer organizations such as our local food pantry, industrial development committee and industrial development authority. My favorite commitment is serving on the Board of Missouri Credit Union. It has been exciting and rewarding to watch our credit union grow from $1 million in assets to currently $160 million in assets.  I am particularly proud of how well we serve our 25,000 members.

In addition to watching our godchildren grow up Berre and I enjoy gardening, fishing, reading and kayaking.)


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