Marci Richgels Potter

Hello to all of you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyoneís biography entries 5 years ago. Itís amazing to be part of such a successful class! Iím sorry that once again I will not be joining in the reunion activities, but my memories will have me there in spirit!

When the world changed as a result of 9/11, I was a senior software engineer with EMC. A month later 9/11 would have its impact on me, too, in the form of our Colorado Springs office, and the software we developed, being closed down and laid to rest. I hit the streets unemployed and found there were no jobs to be had. After a few months of pondering what that really meant to me, I decided to go back to school.

I started nursing school not sure if I was even still able to learn and retain new information. Imagine how tickled I was to graduate with a 4.0! So, Iíve been a nurse for nearly three years now, having worked in Long Term Care and Home Care. Just two weeks ago I started as a Clinical Reviewer in the field of radiology and imaging. So far so good, but of course, no vacation for a while.

Enjoy the reunion! Maybe Iíll make it to our 50th. Incidentally, thanks to the organizing committee for keeping our class united!


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