Sandy Brown Peterson

At the time of the last reunion I had recently brought my mother to live with us because she could no longer care for herself. I was her caregiver for 4 1/2 years before she passed away in Nov. 2002.

I retired from working as a school occupational therapist as of June 21st, 2006. I look upon this like I did graduating from high school, that is, with some excitement and also with wonder about what direction to take next in my life. I feel the whole world is open up to me now thanks in part to the Women's Rights Movement. My husband Rolf is going to continue to teach at George Washington University for another year so we will be staying put in the Alexandria, VA area. He has cut back from being director of their clinical psychology program to just teaching so we should have more time to travel and to do some more activity like taking up tennis again.

We are now up to 4 grandchildren. We finally got a little girl after 3 boys. In June our daughter Pam and family will join us in Cary, NC for a reunion with her brother Brad and family for our annual family week together. Each year my 3 sisters and I plan a get together for a week as well. This year we will be at Cape Cod. My sister Pat, West High '63, also retired in June so the two of us are headed to Croatia for 2 weeks in Sept. where we will reconnect with our 1985 AFS exchange daughter and family.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Sandy Brown Peterson


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