Paul Sorum

Spouse's name: Christina (deceased May 16, 2005)
Address: 1189 Lowell Road, Schenectady, NY 12308
Occupation: physician and medical school professor
Email address:
Phone Number: 518-374-7144

Children: Eve, age 30

Grandchildren: Zoe (born June 1, 2006)

My wife, Christie, suffered a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest last May. We were both at home, but I was in another room and, alas, unaware. Even though as a physician I have seen countless people suffer both anticipated and unanticipated deaths and even though the news is full of individual and group tragedies, it took Christie's death, I think, to make me fully appreciate the utter precariousness of life--and the resulting need to make the most of what life we have.

Subsequently, our daughter Eve finished her PhD in English, obtained a tenure-track job at the University of Massachusetts at Boston (where her husband, John Fulton, teaches creative writing), and gave birth on June 1 to Zoe Christina.

I keep extremely busy in multiple activities: as a primary care physician for children and adults; as a Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Albany Medical College, teaching evidence-based medicine to medical students and precepting medical students and residents in our office; as a researcher on health-related judgment and decision making, collaborating with a group of psychologists in France; and as an advocate for fundamental health care reform, chairing the NY Capital District chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (which advocates universal access to comprehensive, affordable health care through a single-payer financing mechanism). I find lots of pleasure in what I do--particularly in helping to make my patients better or at least to make them laugh--but I am still deeply sad, of course, when I take our dog for the long walks that Christie used to love so much.


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