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50th Reunion

55th Reunion

Info Pack


Judy (Berigan) Aubey

Life has been most interesting in the five years since I retired and since our last reunion. My family continues happy and healthy, with sons and their families living in Madison and NYC. My 94 year old mother died two years ago, and my six siblings and I were just able to have a long delayed reunion and family memorial for her in May. Two siblings live in Madison; four came from Georgia, Utah, California and Brazil. We ate, we drank, we laughed and the out of towners explored the ever growing metropolitan area that is Madison and Dane County. Our last evening together, we had a campfire at Festge Park, outside Cross Plains.

(There are seven Berigan siblings pictured above, all of whom graduated from West, as did my three sons and one grandson. Also present, but not all pictured, one niece, two grandnieces and two spouses.)

We had a weekend of grilling and brunch and fun. We had a family photoshoot. Here’s a picture of my crew at my son Mark’s eastside Madison home.

Pictured at son Mark’s house: (Front row (left to right): Granddaughters Julia and Maddy; middle row: Patricia, me, Janice (daughters-in-law); back row: Luis Felipe (grandson); and sons Mark, Luke and Ben)

I’m still having a varied and interesting life, despite some truly annoying musculoskeletal issues that limit the duration of my walking and standing. I’m on hiatus from corner working sports car races, as standing up for long period of time (no sitting down, if the track is “hot”) is not allowed, which is quite a nuisance. I hope to return to that volunteer work, as it is fun (“the second best seat at the track”), and the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Club people are almost a part time family. I’m still involved with the WI Public Health Association and the Alumni Board of the UW School of Nursing. I hang out with my retired public health colleagues via monthly breakfasts, and with those still working, via email and, of course, Facebook. I’ve spent my last several years discovering parts of Wisconsin that I haven’t had time to visit for years, plus visits to Montreal and NYC. And I still have plans to get further afield (my mother’s last few years meant staying on the same continent).

Hope to see you all at the reunion.

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Mike Bunch

We’ve been very active since moving to Lake Superior 6 years ago.

I continue Engineering work designing etching presses for Northland College in Ashland and a clay extruder for Ashland High School. Have also given talks to a Northland College chemistry class on plastic injection molding and plastics recycling.

Paula and I have both been involved in music here. I play in the Chequamegon Symphony Orchestra and Paula the sings in the Chequamegon Choir. We both serve on the board for the Ashland Chamber Music Society.

We’ve both also been very involved in conservation efforts in Bayfield County, studying the effects of potential iron mining and hog CAFOs on the water quality in Lake Superior.



Steve Victor

We are still New Haven, Connecticut (home since 1977).

As I was approaching retirement, I decided that I couldn’t retire until I knew what I was going to do. So, now I keep busy with two part-time jobs and fill the rest of the time with traveling, walking, kayaking, reading, making hard cider, cooking and gardening.

I retired to pursue an interest in archaeology developed when I worked in museums and in educational travel. I audited courses in archaeology at Yale, undergrad courses at first but then graduate seminars. It was fun being back in school.

Now I am the manager of a lab at Yale’s archaeology department. The aim of the lab is to use archaeomagnetic techniques to date features and objects from past cultures. I deal with scientific concepts more difficult than anything I have done since college. As part of my work, I just took a two-week summer school course in rock magnetism at the U. of Minnesota.

Before I retired from the Association of Yale Alumni (in 2008), I planned educational programs and enjoyed working with faculty and alumni in developing educational travel programs. Some of those programs were week-long theater seminars. I liked that work enough that I now organize theater programs in London on a contract basis for the AYA. I research the plays (which our faculty leader chooses among), then I get tickets, arrange transportation, pre-theater dinners, etc. So I get to see great plays in a great city either once or twice a year.

And before working for the AYA, I planned interpretive exhibits for historical museums, mostly as a consultant. I enjoyed the projects, but being a consultant wasn't satisfying. And before that, I taught history of science.

My wife is Susanne Roberts; we met in grad school at Harvard and have been married since 1973. She was Librarian for European History at the Yale library. She continues to work on a study of an Italian family from Renaissance Florence; their papers are at Yale.

We have two kids: Ethan lives with his wife Amanda nearby in Branford, CT and works as a representative for a company that sells materials for spinal surgery. Our daughter Serena works for a major public broadcasting firm, WGBH, in Boston, managing their human relations information systems.

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Susan Powers Kane

I am keeping busy with Life Long Learning Institute classes. I am reading and studying European history. I enjoy travelling, theater and the visual arts. Most of all I’m just enjoying retirement in beautiful Sonoma County.


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