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50th Reunion

55th Reunion

Info Pack


Margaret Ann Curry Reigle
Ken Reigle

Ken and I help with childcare costs for our daughter Kellee by babysitting 2 days a week for our granddaughter Adrianna. All the children's library programs and playgrounds and play dates are very different from what we did with our kids.


Susan Shiels Little
Jim Little

Having finally come to grips with retirement, I keep occupied with book clubs, also with being a docent at the Museum of Fine Arts, and participation in a speakers forum. Still traveling and seeing the world.


Tom Rogeberg
Karen Rogeberg

Five years ago, we moved to Athens, GA to live near our son John and his family. Tom continues in semi-retirement to work for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes creating communication pieces, setting up training sessions, and writing monthly reports on the 290 FCA Staff in Georgia. Karen works part time for Dr. James Dobson. Both of us are involved in several bible studies.

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Joan Milesky Gaberman
Barry Gaberman

This is a pretty exciting summer for us … we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with our children and grandchildren. It has been a wonderful ride. We are still in Longboat Key, Florida, where we enjoy the lifestyle and weather. We continue to travel and have some wonderful friends with whom to do it. We have been very fortunate!


Morris Egre

Little did I know that the best part of my life would come as a geezer, but my grandchildren are the joy of my life. My daughter lives in D. C. and is a contractor (law degree) my son lives in upper Washington state, is married with 2 step-daughters and works for a big oil refinery. My wife is a sweet southern belle and we live in her hometown, Roanoke, part time and part time in my home in San Diego, near Balboa Park. I am proud that I served my country in peacetime and in war my entire life. I retired 11 years ago as Chief Administrator for the U. S. Attorney Office (Southern California) after 27 years and was honored by an award from the Vice-President of the Untied States, in part for also co-founding and chairing a non-profit government corporation. Prior to that, I worked 6 years as Personnel Officer in Washington, D. C. for U. S. Attorney Offices nationwide.

I am a disabled Army veteran of Viet Nam where I was honored to receive the Bronze Star.

I'm sorry I can't attend the reunion, but health concerns preclude it. I have had little contact with Madison since graduating from U. W. with an MBA in 1968, and was immensely shocked to learn all at one time that 100 classmates had died. It felt like a plane crashed with 100 friends aboard. May everyone take care. God bless.


Denis Hansen

Retirement continues to be rewarding in many ways. I find myself internalizing bits of wisdom that came from my parents. Wow! I continue to live on Tucson’s West side and I am greatly enjoying all of its fantastic recreational activities and access to nature. I return to Madison for 2-3 months in the late summer/early fall. I get together with friends from West and Wisconsin High for lunch and enjoy tailgating at Badger football games with friends from West. As time goes by I increasingly enjoy the opportunity to see our classmates at our reunions and always feel sadness when I read the names of those who are no longer with us. I continue to appreciate the wonderful times we enjoyed together. Go Regents.

Ed, thank you for all of the work you put in for us all!

Denis Hansen

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Hal Krider

I regret that I will not be at the reunion, but I think of you all often. I have been completely divorced for about a year, have bought a home in Las Cruces NM, and live there and in Wickford RI about half of each year. There is plenty of room for visitors at both places. Bring golf clubs and an appetite. I continued to dabble in my molecular biology and imaging interests in connection with two small companies with which I have projects. I can’t find a studio out West, so my glass blowing has come to an end. But my Airedale and I remain active and enjoying our lives. Be Well



Mike Foye

Raised by single mom in Madison. Went into the Navy out of high school. While in Navy my family moved to Texas where my Mom ‘s family was living. Went to Texas after discharge and attended Del Mar College in Corpus Christi. Went to work for a steel distribution company in Houston and my career took me to upper management. Spent 9 years in Houston then 9 years in Cincinnati then on to Philadelphia where we lived for 15 years. I parachuted out of the steel company after 25 years and formed a medical equipment testing and service company in Philadelphia. I returned to Texas in 1999 and continued to run the Pennsylvania business from our home on Lake Travis just outside of Austin where we remain today. I finally sold the business and retired just this last December. Starting in 2011 I began to have health issues. I had cervical fusion surgery then 3 months later had a quadruple bypass and was fine until mid-2013 when I had jaw cancer that was a 2 year fight with 13 surgeries. Long fight but always with a positive attitude toward the future. Fully recovered now – cancer free and doing mentoring to adults, children and their families fighting cancer. I am living my dream with my wife Alice and our 3 children (two girls and a boy) and 5 grandchildren (all girls and I adore each of them) all of whom are here in Texas.

Sorry I am unable to attend the reunion. My hope and prayer for all of you is that you are able to live your dream and always remember that survival is in God’s hands but the continuing pursuit of happiness is a choice. Never give up!

Mike Foye

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Jay Carlson

After living in Washington, DC for over 45 years, Lyn and I moved to Madison to be with our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren (ages 2 and 4). We now split our time between a downtown condo and a log home we recently built in the Driftless Area of SW Wisconsin.

The picture below was taken at our country property where we enjoy reading, hiking, snowshoeing, as well as kayaking on the nearby rivers (Kickapoo, Mississippi, and Wisconsin). In Madison, we are involved in various activities at the University and take full advantage of all that Madison has to offer. Lyn and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and feel blessed to be back in Wisconsin.


Ronald Schwoegler

I attended MATC after graduation with a degree in lithography. I spent 4 years in the navy leaving as a 2nd class lithographer in 1966. I spent time both aboard the USS Saratoga and at Cinklandfleet in Norfolk Virginia. I then came home and spent over 30 years as a cameraman at Webcrafters leaving in 2002. I have been blessed with 14 years + after having a liver transplant in 2002.

I married Adele (Dee) Svanoe in 1968. We have two children – Amanda (Dan Crandal) of Madison and Rodney of Gilbert Az. We are blessed with 2 of the sweetest granddaughters – Andrea (10) and Leah(8) of Gilbert Az.

Dee and I have spent the last 10 years wintering in Bradenton Fl. And visitors are always welcome.

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Sally Sweeny
Michael Sweeney

I am retired and Michael is still working 3 days a week. We have downsized and don't miss the work of a big house, etc. I'm learning to oil paint and having a great time with a new creative endeavor.


Sharon Callies Cameron
James N. Cameron

We just celebrated our 53 wedding anniversary.


JoAnn Kotz Orlick

I still work part-time as a bonded clerk handling all the customs liquor paperwork, ordering, receiving and distributing for 7 international airlines out of O'Hare. I also still teach math and reading 7 hours a week to 3-7 year olds. Just am not quite ready to fully retire. I play a lot of bridge and poker and still love to play euchre but it is not real popular in Illinois.I enjoy going to concerts and plays and of course football, basketball and baseball games. You can still find me at a Badger football or basketball game. I have spent the last 16 years attending all the little league, junior high, high school and travelling league games for my grandchildren. As of August those four will all be in college. I will miss those games and watching them excel!!

I have three children--Tim, Chris and Jay and five grandchildren--Katherine(junior at William & Mary College and interning in Washington D.C. this summer); John(junior at University of Michigan and interning at a chemical engineering firm this summer); Patrick(freshman at Butler) and Timmy(freshman at Michigan State University). My grandson Joseph is 17 months old and such a joy.I also have 4 granddogs(Jordan, Annie, Quinn and JJ) and a grandcat Ed. I look forward to catching up with everyone in August.

JoAnn Kotz Olrick

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Ron Fagerstrom

Still working full time, helping persons with disabilities to become employed. Went to horse races in Louisville. Visited kids/granddaughter in Oakland CA and Portland OR and in St. Louis. Take in occasional operas and Cardinals games.


Dianne Rider

I married Joel (East class of '60) in 1963. He passed away in 2013, just short of our 50th anniversary. I was a full time mother and worked for the State before going into partnership with Joel managing three businesses in Madison and DeForest. I am now retired and enjoy gardening and traveling with friends and family. With family spread out from the East coast to the Southwest I plan to stay in Wisconsin, enjoying the warmer southwest in the winter.

Dianne with Brooke and Briana        My son Tim, his daughter Samantha, me, and Joel in 2010


Jack Gribble

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this update about myself to you. I don't have a good excuse. There really hasn't been a lot to add in the last 5 years. We are still up here in the north woods on Middle Eau Clare lake. Still doing a little hunting and fishing even if it's harder to get motivated.

Health wise we are not to bad, although Barb is having a harder time getting up and down stairs. We won't be at the reunion, but I'am sure you will all have a great time.

Jack Gribble


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