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50th Reunion

55th Reunion

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Mary Dohm

Life has been wonderful for me since our last reunion. In 2012 I met a wonderful man, John Gregorich. After months of dating, we decided to combine households. I sold my Condo in Middleton and moved to Waunakee with John. We spent the next while remodling his 50's home to my liking, a task that was both frustrating and rewarding.

After finishing our remodel job, we spent the winter in Naples, Fl. After 2 years of renting at "Enchanting Shores" a Naples senior park we invested in our own home. That called for more redecorating. We so enjoy our time in Naples and have made so many new friends. We play Bocce, Shuffle Board, bridge and euchre. The park is so busy we hardly have time to sit down.

In Waunakee we play lots of cards, I lead a senior bike group for SAS. WE go dancing whenever our favorite bands are playing. We also enjoy many activities at the Waunakee Senior Center. My flower garden this summer is the best its ever been.

My granddaughter Megan Olson will be a Junior at UW Madison and this will be her third year playing trumpet with the Wisconsin Singers. Watching her perform really gets us into the UW spirit. My other granddaughter Carly attends Viterbo University in Lacrosse and is majoring un music. TJ graduated of Waunakee Highschool this spring,he will attend Madison College in the fall. Garet will be a senior at Waunakee Highschool next fall. We enjoy watching Garet bowl and play bocce in Special Olympics.

Mary and John                                              Shelley Ziegler, Chris Ziegler, Me, Terry Ziegler

TJ, Megan, Garet, Carly & Jesse


Sue Royston Ullsvik
Tom Ullsvik

Keeping busy in retirement -- babysitting and supporting grandkids activities, volunteering, hiking, biking, gardening, and spending time at our cabin uo north.

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Sue Bonfield Volkmann
Art Volkmann

After being able to do whatever I wanted, my cancer returned in February 2014 and that has defined my life since then, fighting. UW Hospital Carbone Cancer Center is great. God is good and gracious.


Jane LaCourt Ebert
Ray Bernards

I am a lab tech and love my work. I don't plan to retire until my body says enough! Then maybe I'll cut back to part-time.


Joan (Ranney) Westgard
Jim Westgard

We are still in Madison; both semi-retired while running our business, Westgard Q. C. I also have an antique shop at Odana Antique Mall in Madison. Grandkids are the delight of our lives. We continue to travel the world for our business.


Carol Adolfson Rittle
Walt Rittle

Walt and I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary this year. We are the proud grandparents of Jonathon and Oliver, who are the joy of our lives. I enjoy volunteering at 2 resale shops, doing church activities, working in our yard, entertaining friends, playing bridge, and baking cookies which I do weekly for a senior duplicate bridge group and also the grandsons. I'm known as the Cookie Lady. We enjoy traveling around the country and look forward to January when we go to Florida.


Bill Muehl
Pat Tuckwell

We are enjoying U.S. travel, volunteering with Dane County Parks, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

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Krisite Baile

In Florida for 37 years. Part-time working for Nedical Doctor. Traveled all of the U.S. except Washington. Enjoying all our grandchildren.


Lance Sethne
Pat Sethne

We just play it by ear, whater happens, happens.


Jim Thomas
Mary Ellen

Still in construction with the company I started, South Central Construction, Inc.


Dick Weber

First career - Army Physician for 23 years, all but 3 years spent in acedemic positions.
Second career - 4 years in private practice.
20 years at National Jewish Health in Denver, a prepretory hospital. Planned retirement in one year.

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Sue Colvin Wittmayer
Tom Wittmayer

Not too much has changed in the last 5 years! Still on Woods Rd in Verona - 48 yrs!

Still married to Tom Wittmayer - 23 yrs! Kids: Kim still teaches at Mt Horeb High School, Mike is still working heavy equipment in Montana, and Dana is a high school counselor in Minneapolis!

Grandchildren: McKenzie is a Sr. at UW Madison, Kollyn is a sophomore playing football at UW Oshkosh, Taya is a Sr in high school in Minneapolis, and Addie will be in 6th grade in Mt Horeb Middle school. Oh yes, we do have a new addition...Emma is a spoiled mini Aussie pup!

Still traveling as much as possible and we're still crazy about our Badgers!


Sandra Brown Peterson
Rolf Peterson

We spent our time traveling a lot -- volunteering, and relaxing. After 17 years, we added a dog, a Polish Lowland Sheepdog rescued from a family with a child. He keeps us fit and laughing a lot!


Peggy Burgdorff Douglas

I continue to love Minneapolis, my home since 1972. I celebrated my 70th birthday by retiring in 2013. I continue to be involved in numerous community organizations, read lots for my 3 book clubs and do the prerequisite retirement travel. I am fortunate to have my family in Minneapolis and many long-time friends. I plan to stay here as I am definitely not a Florida/Arizona type. I love being part of a big city and all its amenities. I was in Madison last October for my college 50th. Madison is still on the top of my list for great places to live. And thereís nothing better than a Badger game at Camp Randall on a beautiful Fall day. Life is good! Enjoy the 55th!

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Pam Sandrock Dannenberg
Larry Dannenberg

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Dennis Herling

Ed, Class of Ď61 Another 5 years have gone by. Seems like I am either winding the clock or tearing off calendar pages, but I am at least greeting another day with good health and family, all great gifts of God. Sometimes I feel like I have aged more than 10 years in these past 5 years however.

We do get to Wisconsin during most recent summers, but never at the time for this reunion. These are road trips, visiting my wifeís families in and around Mazomanie, and to Columbia MO to visit our daughter and family. The trips always include lunch at the Village Bar, and a trip around the neighborhood, and Madison. I really donít have any family on my side remaining in the Madison or the Wisconsin area. We get to see our sonís family more often as they live just north of Seattle, 50 mile drive and a ferry trip away. My brother, Class of í67, lives about an hour away. We were blessed with the first great grandchild born in Seattle, now 6 months old- Jacelynn Kaye Wells. We took some family pictures in MO last September; these are my girls, Gloria and Asti (14)

Then in June, my daughter Leah and me at a family wedding at the Bergamont by Madison.

It is good to see news and pictures from others to keep up with some of the changes.

Thanks to Ed, Karen and all for what they do to keep this all going. I hope everyone has a good reunion, may God bless you all. Party hearty, stay safe. Letís hear from all for the 60th!




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