Melvin Dolinky

My name is Stu Dolinky, West High class of '56. Your letter to my brother Mel arrived today. He must have given you my address when he was living with me a few years ago. Sadly, we lost him 4 years ago. In my eyes, it took the Vietnam war 40 years to kill him. When he came back he was never the same. He was at Cu Chi during Tet 1968, and was in combat for most of his tour. He received 2 Purple Hearts for wounds he sustained, and a Bronze Star. I know very little about what happened to him because he never wanted to talk about it. During a low point in his life, he was living back east. He had no job and his family was living elsewhere. I convinced him to move to Scottsdale and live with us until he got back on his feet. After moving here, he went to the VA hospital and put in a claim for disability. He was granted 100% disability and had enough to live on. The VA took good care of him but his body eventually succumbed. To say we did the best we could for him is not true; we did the best he would allow us to do for him. I don't know who were his friends in high school, but if you find anyone please share this with them. If you wish to contact me, my phone is 480-242-9165. Most sincerely,
Stu Dolinky


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