Judith Jane Ho

Judith was born in Minnesota and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. Her nick name growing up was Jady June, and Judi as she got older. Growing up, Judith had a love for horses. She owned and cared for a horse named Diamond Duke. She attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she studied Spanish and Portugese among other romance languages and graduated with her Bachelor's Degree. Judith worked as a translator for the Library of Congress where she met her husband Peter, who translated Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Judith shared a love of China with her husband. She enjoyed traveling and learning about new places with him. She combined her love of horses into her job and became an employee for the United States Department of Agriculture. She worked at the National Agricultural Library for many years in special collections and finally rounding out her career in the Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC). She retired in 2007 and thereafter spent her time with her daughters, Christina and Diana, enjoying her father's drink of choice, Manhattans, and making jokes. She enjoyed going out to restaurants, sightseeing, and spending time with family.


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